What To Do When You Are A Captive

March 29, 2020 Speaker: Ron Dillon Series: 2020 Stand Alone Sermons

Topic: Times of Trial Scripture: Jeremiah 29:1–14

What to do When You are a Captive

Jeremiah 29:1-14 (CSB)

 The Activity in Captivity

Bloom where you are PLANTED.

  1. Accept the captivity as FROM GOD.
  2. Do not give in to a VICTIM MENTALITY.
  3. Captivity is not the end of normalcy but the beginning of a NEW LEVEL OF INTIMACY WITH GOD.
  4. Every enemy is not something to overcome but a new means of EDUCATION AND SANCTIFICATION.
  5. The purpose of captivity is to PURIFY YOUR HEART.
  6. Remember your true destiny. This world is not your HOME.

Questions for small groups or deeper study:

1. What did Jeremiah tell the captives to do while in captivity?

2. What is captivity?

3. What was the BIG lesson the nation of Israel needed to learn?

4. How does one seek God with their whole heart?

5. What did the false prophets declare to the exiles?


1. What are some opportunities for you to bloom or blossom today?

2. How has the Corona Virus impacted your intimacy with God?

3. What are some false prophecies we should avoid at a time like this?

4. What would you like God to do for you in terms of your spiritual growth?

5. How can this virus trial help you to live for your true home, rather than this temporary home?

6. How can you bloom where you are planted?

PRAYER:  Take some time to pray together and share prayer requests.

ENCOURAGE:  Take some time to go around and encourage those you are studying with.  How do you see Christ in them? What are some gifts they have? How have they blessed you? etc.

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