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Who Is Jesus?

May 16, 2020 Pastor: Ron Dillon Series: John: Summer 2020 Series

Passage: John 1:1–1:5


1. Prayer meeting has resumed in the sanctuary and will continue on Wednesday's at 6:45PM.

2. Sunday Morning worship services will resume May 24th at 10:30AM in the Sanctuary.

*Both services above will be done according to the CDC guidelines requiring social distancing, masks being worn, and no fellowship time.  There will be no Sunday School, Wednesday dinner, or any children/youth meetings until the CDC guidelines change.  

Who Is Jesus?

John 1:1-5 (CSB) 

Theologically, Jesus is God.

  1. Here LOGOS is used for Jesus.
  3. Jesus is eternally WITH GOD.
  4. Jesus is eternally  ONE WITH GOD.

Practically, Jesus is God.

  1. Jesus is God’s FINAL WORD.
  2. There is still much MYSTERY about Jesus.
  3. Jesus is the CENTRAL FIGURE of the Bible and human history.
  4. Jesus Christ is the SUPREME BEING of all eternity.

Questions For Deeper Study:

1. Why do you think John wants to make it so clear that Jesus is God?

2. What mysteries do you wrestle with when it comes to Jesus identity?

3. How many books of the bible mention or allude to Jesus?

4. Why is it important that the Canon of scripture be closed and Jesus be God's "final Word". 

Application Questions:

1. Throughout the bible, Jesus is described as Lord, Savior, Friend, Suffering Servant, The beginning, The End, Creator, Eternal, The Messiah etc.  How do you balance these so that your relationship with Him is right? (Example: How do you balance Him being Lord and at the same time friend?)

2. How do you describe the Trinity?

3. What makes you confident that Jesus is "Supreme" in your life?

Prayer and Encouragement:  

Since this is the apparent final online sermon without meeting in person, share how you've grown during this time.  How have you thrived?  How have you struggled?  Pray for one another based upon the answers.

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