How to be good when things are bad

April 26, 2020 Speaker: Ron Dillon Series: 2020 Stand Alone Sermons

Scripture: Matthew 24:29–44

"How to be Good when Things are Bad" 

Matthew 24:29-3136-44 (CSB)  

Consider your Spiritual Foundations

  1. Are you a Christian because you are a baptized church member, or because you have been BORN AGAIN? 
  2. Does God love you because you do the right things or because you are HIS CHILD?
  3. Are you AFRAID TO DIE? 

Consider your Motive for Christian Living

  1. Does you feel obligated to “REPAY” Jesus for all He has done for you?
  2. Do you seek to serve Jesus in order to BE BLESSED here and now?
  3. Do you try to be faithful because you are afraid of punishment or because you DESIRE TO PLEASE GOD?

Consider your Walk of Faith

What is faith? It’s a decision of the will to act on what the mind believes is true.” Pete Briscoe

  1. Is your faith a GIFT FROM GOD, or something you must generate yourself?
  2. What is your WORK of faith?
  3. Do believe God is more impressed with your faith or your GOOD DEEDS?

Questions For Deeper Study:

1. What does it mean to be born again?

2. Why does God love you?

3. What should be the Christian's motive for doing good?

4. How does Faith in Jesus save us?


1. What are some proofs in your life that you have been born again?

2. What works does Faith produce in your life?

3. What works in your life are not a product of faith?

4. How can you disciple others to live a life of Faith that produces good works, rather than a life that does good works hoping to produce Faith?

Prayer and Encouragement:

Take some time to go around and share how others in your small group have encouraged you through their faith!  

Pray for each other that your faith will be strengthened and that God will use that faith to produce many good works that produce treasure in heaven rather than here on earth.

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