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16195882_1300863423306637_2674725910754485096_nThe goal of the HOOPS program is to Honor Our Only Personal Savior, Jesus Christ, in everything we do. We hope to teach and improve basketball skills, introduce children to a positive competitive environment, and reinforce the meaning of playing on a TEAM. Sometimes this means your child may not shoot every time they are open but will pass the ball instead. Sometimes this means that a violation may be called against a skilled player that is not called against an unskilled player. This allows us to work on TEAM building skills and allows all players the opportunity to participate and see success.

 Registration for the 2019-2020 season is now open!

All players will be evaluated based on skill level in an effort to create the most competetive teams. Please see the schedule below for your players evaluation date and time.

Tuesday, November 5th

     6pm- 5th/6th Girls

     7pm- 5th/6th Boys

Thursday, November 7th

     6pm- 3rd/4th Girls

     7pm- 3rd/4th Boys

Friday, November 8th

     6pm- 1st Grade, Last Names Beginning A-L

     6:30pm- 1st Grade, M-Z

     7pm- 2nd Grade, A-L

     7:30pm- 2nd Grade, M-Z

Saturday, November 9th

     9am- K4, A-L

     9:30am- K4, M-Z

     10am- K5, A-L

     10:30- K5, M-Z

     11:00am- Make-up evaluations for all age groups.


Please visit both links below to register your player(s) for the 2019-2020 season.

Register players and volunteers today!

Pay Registration Fees -$35 for one player, $25 for each additional player

Registration Fees include: HOOPS T-shirt, Jersey, Shorts, and End of Year Prize


View, download, and print pictures from last season here! For more information email hoops@hpbchanahan.com or call the church office at 843‐797‐1100.